Moments of delight

Be at one with nature with Surf’s fabulous fragrances and let your imagination blossom into a magical moment of delight.


Discover more about our Surf uplifting, gorgeous fragrances and the secrets behind their fruit and flower power.


Learn about the hypnotic powers of the tropical lotus flower.

Learn more Lotus


Find out why freesia is the flower of friendship.

Learn more Freesia


Discover why jasmine is also called the ‘flower of the night’.

Learn more Jasmine


Find out why lavender is a magical ‘multi-tasker’.

Learn more Lavender


Discover how a lemon’s scent can refresh your zest for life.

Learn more Lemon


Find out why this fruity fragrance is a symbol of good fortune.

Learn more Mandarin

Ylang ylang

Discover why this Eastern delight is considered an aphrodisiac.

Learn more Ylang ylang


Learn about the super powers of lily’s honeyed fragrance.

Learn more Lily

Herbal Extracts

Herbs are great for more than cooking.

Learn more Herbal Extracts

Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom is a gorgeously luxurious flower native to Japan.

Learn more Cherry Blossom

Wild flowers

Learn more Wild flowers


Learn more Rose

Tiare Flower

Learn more Tiare Flower


Learn more Moonflower

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