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Find out about Surf detergent history and the company’s beliefs

Surf launched in England way back in 1952, and has since expanded across Europe and into other continents including Asia, Africa, and South America. The British brand has always had a place in the history of laundry as an innovator, bringing out many pioneering products and formulations over the years. From Surf Automatic in the 1970s – specially formulated for front loaded washing machines – to the ’99 stains’ formula in 2002, the Surf laundry brand has been leading the pack throughout the decades. 

In the history of washing powder, Surf has been a leading pioneer in using fresh formulas and ingredients to take laundry to the next level. In 1952, the Surf laundry brand made history by introducing a powder that could get clothes clean and white without using a specialist whitening agent. Then in 1986 Surf used innovative enzymes in its detergents to achieve great results for lower temperature cycles and colour washes. Fast forward to 2007, and Surf built on its well-loved fragrance release products by adding essential oils to the ingredients list, taking inspiration from nature and the growing trend of aromatherapy. 

Surf believes in delivering great fragrance and great cleaning at a great price. And Surf also believes in helping take care of our environment through eco-friendly products, sustainable packaging, and a commitment to the Cleaner Planet Plan. The Good Housekeeping Institute approved range of Surf detergent powders, liquids, and capsules will continue to build on the laundry brand pillars of cleaning power, fragrance, and value for money.