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Surf’s range of great laundry fragrance

Surf is known for long-lasting laundry fragrance. Learn more about the types of fragrances and which suits you best: floral, citrus, fruity, woody or aromatic.

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Laundry fragrance crafted by perfume experts with a blend of oils to elevate your mood

Fruity fragrances can bring feelings of happiness through their uplifting, familiar scents. These types of fragrances include apple and pear, sweet peach and berries, and exotic tropical fruits.

When you think of citrus you think of oranges, lemons, grapefruit and limes. And it’s the lemon’s strong scent and antiseptic properties that has made it such a popular cleaning power for centuries. 

From eucalyptus to pine to lavender, these rich and aromatic types of smells are deeply soothing yet stimulating. Lavender has been used for centuries to freshen fabrics and aid restful sleep. Combine the herbal, aromatic fragrance of lavender with the floral note of jasmine to boost confidence and relieve stress. An absolute must for bedding.

Woody fragrances are also known as oriental scents, with vanilla, amber and sandalwood among these types of fragrances. Surf combines the luxurious deep fragrance of vanilla with top notes of floral orchid and ylang ylang for a lightness of touch.