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Sustainability Washing Machine Dial

Surf’s guide to eco-friendly products

Discover how eco-friendly products and eco-friendly approaches to laundry can help you make a positive difference with a reduce, reuse, recycle attitude.

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Join Surf in a responsible approach to laundry

Plastic pollution is a major issue, with recent research predicting that by 2050 our oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish. Surf is taking action by championing the Cleaner Planet Plan, to help improve sustainability by making more eco-friendly products. Surf is helping you take a reduce, reuse, recycle approach in life by using sustainable packaging where cartons, liquid bottles and caps can be recycled, however bottle sleeves cannot be recycled. The balls, caps, and scoops in Surf’s products also help you use the right amount to avoid waste.

Did you know the average washing machine cycle uses 150 litres of water? There are several ways to reduce this number. Washing on quick cycles will bring your water usage down, as will waiting until you have a full load. Other than laundry, you can save water by having showers instead of baths, turning off taps when not in use, and checking regularly for leaks.

Changing the temperature and cycle length on your machine to colder and shorter cycles will decrease the amount of energy you use when doing your laundry. By using concentrated detergents like Surf’s range, which are really effective at removing stains even at lower temperatures like 30oC, you’ll be able to make these changes without compromising on the cleanliness of your washing. Want to know how to save energy at home outside the laundry room too? Turn off lights if you’re not in the room and switch off sockets when not in use.