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How to use Surf in machines and by hand

Learn how to hand wash clothes and how to use washing machine settings. Discover the correct washing methods to avoid slip-ups.

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Let Surf guide you through the basics of how to hand wash clothes 

Saving money and saving time are both key to our shopping habits, so that’s why knowing how to use washing machine cycles is so important for so many young professionals and students. Short cycles on low temperatures will save both money and time, and with Surf’s concentrated liquid detergents, you’ll still get great results. 

Once you’ve learned how to hand wash clothes with Surf’s liquid detergents, you’ll save yourself the expense of going to the pros to get your delicates clean. Always check the care labels first to ensure the garments aren’t dry clean only. Then fill a clean sink with cool water, add a small amount of Surf detergent, and soak your laundry before swishing it around and rinsing. 

There are certain laundry mistakes that can crop up, like clothes shrinking. The way to avoid this is to know what temperature shrinks clothes in the first place. Always read the care label, and never wash at a higher temperature than advised or tumble dry if it’s not recommended.