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Surf with the Freshness of 5 Herbal Extracts Liquid Detergent

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Herbs are great for more than cooking – for centuries we’ve been using their cleansing properties and fresh invigorating scent to spruce up our homes too! Surf’s 5 herbal extracts combines the benefits of five gorgeous plants for a freshness that lasts and lasts:

Eucalyptus is a lush, evergreen plant native to Australia. For centuries it’s been hailed as a ‘miracle plant’ for its natural healing effects. Its light, aromatic scent and antiseptic properties make it the perfect freshness booster for your wash!

Tea Tree oil combines a beautifully fresh, invigorating scent and gentle but potent cleansing properties, it’s no wonder that it’s Nature's most powerful cleanser.

Pine is a fantastic anti-oxidant with excellent cleaning credentials. And its benefit isn’t just confined to cleaning – in Japan, shinrin-yoku (taking in the atmosphere of the pine forest) is believed to soothe emotions and ease stress. Invigorating, cleansing and refreshing? We’re sold!

Mint was known in Greek mythology as the herb of hospitality. The delightfully fresh herb was strewn across floors around the doorstep, ensuring that visitors were greeted by a welcoming scent. Today we use mint to remove bad smells, invigorate and stimulate the mind.

Finally, Lavender is a magical ‘multi-tasker’. It was used as an antiseptic to clean Roman communal baths and to disinfect hospitals during World War One. Its oils are believed to heal scars and its fragrance is said to revive the faint-hearted. Lavender’s floral, sweet scent combined with its woody, pungent perfume is both stimulating and soothing.