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Find your cleaning queries in our list of questions the Surf customer care team is most frequently asked.

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Do I put the product in the dispensing drawer or drum?
Well… this depends on which product you are using:
If you like liquids, put 35ml in a dosing ball in the drum. For hard water, heavy soiling or big loads use 52ml.
If you're a capsules person, just pop a capsule in the heart of the wash.
If you prefer powder, pour it straight into the drawer with the measuring scoop.
If you use tablets, just drop them in the drawer of your machine.

What is the difference between bio and non-bio?
Bio detergents contain enzymes that are very effective at cleaning even at low temperatures. Non-bios don't contain these enzymes, so may not remove stains quite as effectively.

Is Surf suitable for colours?
Yes. Surf is ideal for cleaning coloured garments. But some fabrics are more susceptible to fading and some pastel shades are more prone to subtle colour changes. This should be indicated by a "do not bleach" symbol on their care label. If you are in doubt, use a specialist colour product.

Can I use Surf capsules for whites?
Yes. Surf capsules can be used with whites too. The dye that colours them is completely water-soluble and won't colour your wash.

Why are there speckles in Surf powder?
The speckles are there to make Surf even more fun and colourful. Don't worry, they are completely water-soluble and won't stain your clothes.

Will Surf bleach my clothes?
Surf powder contains a little bleaching agent to give it super cleaning powers. But its gentle cleaning action shouldn’t bleach your clothes. For extra colour protection, use Surf liquids that don’t contain any bleach and are great for keeping colours vibrant.

Why does the price of Surf sometimes vary?
Unfortunately, we can't do anything about this. It's up to individual shops to decide how much they charge for Surf.

Why isn't there non-biological Surf?
One of the best things about Surf is its super cleaning powers. This is partly thanks to the enzymes in our biological formula. If we took these out, you'd really notice the difference. And if you buy Surf especially for its clean fresh results – you wouldn't be happy!

Why isn’t there a non-perfumed Surf?
Unfortunately, detergents don't smell great without perfume and most people buy Surf because they love its fabulously, fresh long-lasting fragrances.

Will I be able to wash out the smell if I don't like it?
We find it hard to believe anyone would dislike Surf’s scrumptious smell! But if you are not keen, give your wash an extra rinse and spin.

What should I do if there is powder residue on my clothes?
Washing machines should dissolve powders without leaving a residue. But the size of load, the level and pressure of water and the length of cycle can affect the rinsing power of a machine. Try not to overloaded and if you still get powder residue, brush it off and give your washing an extra rinse.

Will Surf’s fragrance overpower my perfume?
No. The amount of fragrance in Surf is very small compared to a perfume, so Surf shouldn’t overpower it.

Will Surf’s fragrances have an effect on how I feel?
Surf’s fragrances will give your fabrics a long-lasting clean, fresh smell that is likely to be a source of joy for you – but no, they won't have a direct effect on your emotions!