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It’s about reducing the impact our products have on the environment without reducing their super, fragrant cleaning powers.

We've concentrated our luscious liquids and powerful powders to save on energy, pollution and packaging – so they tread a little more lightly on our planet.

We promise to keep doing our bit and you can help make a difference too (and save your pennies!) by following these simple steps…

Use concentrated products

Surf Small & Mighty (730ml) uses over 40% less packaging than normal liquids. If everyone in the world used compacted or concentrated laundry products, it would save the same amount of C02 a year as taking one million cars off the road!

Dose correctly

Our measuring caps, balls and scoops dish out the perfect amount for clean, fresh laundry. By using the right dose, you use fewer chemicals and spend less money.

Wash with a full load

Save water and reduce your bills by making sure your drum is always full when you wash.

Wash on low temperatures

You can still get brilliantly clean laundry even when you wash at 15°C. At 30°C you can save up to 40% on energy and cut your electricity bill too. One year’s washing at 30°C instead of 40°C could save you enough energy to light nine rooms for a whole year!

Avoid using stain removers

If we all stopped using stain removers, over 20,000 tonnes of chemicals would be saved from going into the environment each year. And besides, Surf’s cleaning powers are super enough to shift most stains without the need for specialist stain removers!


Whether it’s plastic or cardboard, all our packaging can be recycled.

These small, simple steps can make a big difference to your pocket and our planet. To find out more, visit the Cleaner Planet Plan website.