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In 2012, here in the UK* we spent £43,940 million on garments – so we certainly don’t want to be ruining our precious clothes with stains! Unfortunately, stains are easy to pick up in everyday life and can be a nightmare to remove.

Surf can work miracles, but you may need a helping hand to shift really serious stains. That is why we have put together stain removal tips for those most common and pesky stains that can mean disaster for your lovely clothes.

First follow these three simple steps:

Act fast. The quicker you start the stain removal, the less chance the guilty culprit will have to cast its deadly dye!
Blot the stain with a paper towel.
Read the care label carefully to check the stain solution won’t damage the fabric. (See our washing symbols guide if you need help understanding the label.)
Now you are ready to get stain solving!

You should find the secret to shifting your stain among our line-up of the most stubborn stain suspects. As long as you follow our three steps, above, you should be able to remove your stain using simple items that you already have around the house. And afterwards, don’t forget to wash with Surf and hang those culprits out to dry! Don’t put clothes with stains in the tumble dryer until you are sure the stain is gone, as heat can make a stain set.

See our stain removal tips for:

Coffee stains
Ink stains
Mould stains
Paint stains
Tea stains
Chewing gum stains
Curry stains
Ketchup stains
Mud stains
Red wine stains
Chocolate stains
Grass stains
Make-up stains
Oil stains
Sweat stain

If your stubborn stain isn’t on our list of prime suspects, call the Surf Washing Line free on 0800 444 200 – we love a challenge!