About us

When it comes to fabulous fragrances, Surf rides the wave high above other laundry brands. Our commitment is to surprising and exciting your senses with scrumptious smells. So if you're a fan of fabulous fragrances, you'll love Surf!

We believe laundry is best freshened with fruity and floral fragrances. Our individual fragrances are carefully selected and paired to create Surf's signature fragrance blends. Each of our harmonious blends holds super cleaning powers that will envelop your laundry with long-lasting, fragrant freshness.

We are committed to creating quality fragrances that allow you to lose yourself in moments of delight throughout your day, every day. Our Surf scents will transport you away from household chores to a place of pure pleasure. Our unique fragrance blends will lift your spirits and elevate your laundry from pleasantly clean to fantastically fresh and fragrant.