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Wildflowers are flowers that grow in the wild, meaning they were not intentionally seeded or planted.
Wildflower is a mix of many different species, but their combined result is sure to bring a smile on anyone to happens who pass by them.

Throughout the centuries, many wildflowers became prized for their versatility as spices for food or believed medicinal properties. Saffron is from a wildflower and highly prized for the flavour it adds to food, while vanilla actually comes from a variety of orchid wildflower. The desire for new spices and dyes from wildflowers drove much of the early expansion and trade from the time Rome was a world power to the voyages of Columbus. Can you imagine? If not for these beautiful and enduring plants entire continents might not had been discovered!

These versatile plants can grow in many places naturally and without any help. They are at their most beautiful in the morning, with dew in their leaves, tiny bubbles twinkling in the sun, resplendent in their joy.

Who doesn’t remember seeing them, whether it was by the road or on fields? They have the power to take you back to those moments of joy in your life. Moments that were spontaneous, simple, but so beautiful. Like wildflowers!