Tiare Flower

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Native to the highland shores of the South Pacific, it has the distinction of being one of the few cultivated flowers native to Polynesia. It is the national flower of French Polynesia and the Cook Islands.

Tiare is a type of gardenia which grows in Tahiti, the largest Island of French Polynesia in the southern Pacific Ocean and is a soul and a symbol of Tahiti. Both men and women wear these fragrant flowers during special ceremonies and are typically given to guests in Tahiti, as a sign of welcome.

These magnificent little flowers, with snow-white petals arranged in the form of a star are a reminder of the word "tiara", her name suits her perfectly because she is indeed the rightful queen of all Polynesian flowers and her delicate perfume is as unforgettable as it sweet. Like a precious jewel resting on a dazzling setting of dark and green shiny foliage, the unsurpassed beauty of the Tiare flower is for all to admire.

The Tiare flower possesses a rich, creamy, sweet perfume, reminiscent of tuberose and warmer-weathered months, bringing happiness and love combined with an exotic aromas.