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Moonflower is native to tropical and subtropical regions of the New World, from northern Argentina, north of Mexico and Florida.

Moonflower seems to glow just like the full moon, it holds the meaning of the mysteries of the intuition and mystical movements of the starts and the moon, a symbol of delicate femininity and it is considered one of the most romantic flowers. It is statuesque bearing a large trumpet-shape that unfurls in the evening and stays open until the sun rises. Its scent is uniquely subtle, yet sweetly fragrant.

Moonflowers are nocturnal bloomers, perfect for night owls and late night strollers. After sunset, these huge white flowers bloom and glow all night in the moonlight. Then, as the sun rises, they close their fragrant blooms leaving just the beauty of their petals waiting to be open again when the dark arrives.

Their unique and sophisticated fragrance awakes the senses with the delicate notes of night fresh aromas combined with unique feminine floral notes.