Question 1

  • Well… this depends on what format you are going to use: 
    - If you like your liquids and use Surf Small & Mighty, then fill the dosing ball to 35ml and place in the drum. In hard water areas or for heavy soiling or heavy loads (6-8kg), use 1-1/2 caps (52ml)
    - If you're a capsules person, then simply pop one capsule into the drum.
    - If you like using the powder format, then measure the right amount with the measuring scoop and pour straight into the dispensing drawer.

Question 2

  • Bio detergents contain enzymes that are very effective at cleaning - even at lower temperatures. Non-bios don't contain these enzymes and so may not remove some stains quite as effectively. 
    However, many people prefer to use a non-bio. Persil non-bio is specifically formulated for sensitive skin, and still gives excellent all-round cleaning. It is dermatologically tested, and its skin research is validated by the British Skin Foundation. 

Question 3

  • Surf is suitable for most coloured garments. However some colours are susceptible to fading. This should be indicated by a "do not bleach" symbol on the care label. Some pastel shades are also susceptible to subtle colour changes when washed in products containing optical brighteners. If in any doubt a specialist Colour product should be used, such as Persil colour. 

Question 4

  • Surf capsules can be used on colours as well as whites. The dye that makes our capsules coloured is totally water soluble and won't affect the colour of your wash. 

Question 5

  • The speckles are just there to make Surf even more fun and colourful. They have the same great fragrance and cleaning power as white Surf. And don't worry, the speckle dyes are completely water soluble and won't stain your clothes. 

Question 6

  • Surf powder does contain some bleaching agents that are used to bleach coloured stains in the cleaning process. Surf liquids do not contain bleach and are more suitable for colour washes, keeping colour vibrant for longer - although as with any detergent, after lots of washes some colours may fade. 

Question 7

Question 8

  • One of the best things about Surf is its fantastic cleaning power, and this is partly thanks to the enzymes in our biological formula. If we took these out, you'd really notice the difference. And people who buy Surf specially for the clean fresh results wouldn't be very happy! 

Question 9

  • Unfortunately, detergents don't smell great without perfume. Also, most people who buy Surf buy it because they love the way it leaves their clothes so freshly fragranced. 

Question 10

  • If you are not happy with the smell of the detergent you have just bought, it is possible to give it an extra spin to try to decrease the smell of the detergent. Although we do hope you enjoy the fragrances that Surf with essential oils has to offer. 

Question 11

  • Automatic washing machines are designed to dissolve the washing powder quickly into the water - so that it can begin to work as quickly as possible without leaving residues. However, factors such as the size of the wash load, the level and pressure of water entering the machine and the length of the wash cycle can all have an effect. 
    Some machines start by filling with water, moving the wash around in the drum and then waiting until the water reaches the right wash temperature. The powder could become trapped in the washing at this stage and so is prevented from dissolving properly. 
    Always ensuring that the machine is not overloaded should avoid most instances of residues. However, if it does happen, simply brush off the worst of the dried residue and then rinse or wash again. 

Question 12

Question 13

  • Surf with essential oils has been formulated as a laundry detergent with a great fragrance; as with all laundry detergents, fabrics treated with the detergent make clothes clean and fresh. The essential oils enhance the fragrance, but they do not have a direct effect on your emotions.

Question 14