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Surf Coconut Bliss Capsules fornt and back of pack

Surf Coconut Bliss Capsules 34 Washes.

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34 Capsules

About this product

Discover the new & improved Surf Coconut Bliss Laundry 3-in-1 Washing Capsules that give you a brilliant clean, long-lasting freshness and care for your clothes. Surf Coconut Bliss has an uplifting fragrance blend that is inspired by lush, tropical beaches and exotic getaways. The scent of coconut together with the sweet and warm notes of vanilla, amber and musk gives you an escape to a beautiful paradise. With long-lasting fragrance, your clothes will be brilliantly clean and fresh for longer with these laundry capsules from the UK's no.1 fragrance detergent brand*. Surf's laundry range brings you the joy of fresh fragrance, long after you've washed your clothes. With burst after burst of its sweet, warm and uplifting fragrance released right through your day, your laundry stays fragrantly fresh, with a great clean you'll love. Surf laundry capsules offer great cleaning and excellent fragrance, even in cold water. Surf washing capsules are easy to use, being both efficient and convenient for your busy life. For the best results, use one capsule for standard soiling, soft/medium water and a standard load (3-5 kg). Use two capsules for heavy soiling, hard water or a larger load (6-8 kg). *Kantar WPO, 52 w/e 09.08.2020

Key benefits

Surf Coconut Bliss 3-in-1 Laundry Capsules give your clothes a brilliant clean and intense, long-lasting fragrance. 3-in-1 washing capsules infused with an exotic coconut scent to give your clothes an intense burst of fragrance released throughout the day. Surf 3-in-1 laundry capsules give a brilliant clean, long-lasting freshness, and care for your clothes. Bio washing capsules from Surf, the UK's no.1 fragrance detergent brand*. Surf Coconut Bliss 3-in-1 Laundry Capsules have an uplifting fragrance of coconut and warm notes of vanilla, amber and musk for the ultimate beach fragrance. Surf 3-in-1 washing capsules give you brilliantly clean laundry while caring for your clothes and giving long-lasting fragrance.