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Sunlight fabric conditioner

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Fabric conditioner brings softness to your laundry, leaving clothes oh-so comfortable against your skin. As clothes washed in fabric conditioner tend to wrinkle less, you can bring an ease to your ironing with liquid fabric conditioner. It will also help your clothes dry quickly to their beautiful best. Liquid fabric conditioner can help protect soft fabrics like wool too, by lightly conditioning the fibres to help them stay smooth and keep their shape. 

Although fabric conditioner doesn’t actually feed into your washing machine until the latter part of the cycle (typically during the rinse), you still need to place it there at the very beginning. The dosage for Sunlight fabric conditioner is one cap (or 100ml), placed into the liquid fabric conditioner section of your machine dispenser drawer. 

If you’re using Sunlight fabric conditioner in your handwash, use 2/3 cap (or 60ml). First of all, you’ll handwash your garments in a sink or tub with a suitable detergent, and then rinse them in clean water, before refilling the sink with fresh water again. This is the point when you add your Sunlight fabric conditioner to the water – make sure you don’t pour it directly onto any fabrics. Soak for up to 30 minutes, drain the water, and then rinse each item with fresh water again before drying them flat on a towel.

Take your pick from the Sunlight fabric conditioner range of products. Do you want the scent of Lavender Smiles Sunlight Fabric Conditioner to help calm the senses, or the fragrance of Summer Dew Sunlight Fabric Conditioner to make your wardrobe smell like a sunny day? For sensitive skin, Sunlight Gentle Fabric Conditioner is dermatologically tested for the softest touch.