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Woman happy whilst doing the laundry

The secret for long-lasting fragrance

Deal with clothes not smelling fresh after washing with our tips. Use our guide to give laundry a long-lasting fragrance.

There’s nothing like the smell of just-washed laundry - and the longer your sheets, clothes and towels keep that freshly washed fragrance, the better. With its fabulous range of laundry scents, Surf can help you with everything, from clothes smelling fresh after washing to keeping the freshness locked in whilst storing clothes in your wardrobe – giving you that long-lasting fragrance you love.

Use quality products for long-lasting fragrance

Are your clothes not smelling fresh after washing? If there isn’t a problem with your washing machine, and you’re washing your clothes, bedding and towels regularly, it could well be that you’re not using the best detergent.

What you need is Surf with fragrance release powder detergent, which allows the fabric fibres to fully absorb beautiful fragrances. Or try the exotic fragrance of Surf Tropical Lily & Ylang Ylang Liquid Detergent to get your laundry super clean and keep it smelling amazing, even days after putting it away. With burst after burst of uplifting fragrance released right through your day, your laundry stays fragrantly fresh, with a brilliant deep clean you’ll love.

Dry the right way

Drying can play a big part in laundry not maintaining its fresh smell, so here’s what to do:

  • Don’t leave your laundry sitting in the washing machine for long – if left in the washer, bacteria can thrive.

  • Dry your laundry as soon as possible – whip it out of your machine, and air dry or tumble dry straight away for the best results.

How to keep clothes smelling fresh in the wardrobe

Clothes washed using Surf with fragrance release? Check!

Laundry dried straight away? Check!

So, how do you keep clothes smelling fresh in your wardrobe?

  • For long-lasting results, wash your clothes using Surf Herbal Extract Liquid Detergent, a fusion of five gloriously fragrant herbs with a perfect spring-like fragrance reminiscent of warm sunny pastures and light, caressing breezes.

  • Make sure you don’t put anything that’s not completely dry in your wardrobe – if anything is wet or damp it’ll soon start to smell musty, and that will quickly transfer to your other clothes.

  • Let your clothes hang fully – if they’re scrunched up, not only will you need to re-iron, but they won’t stay smelling as fresh.

  • Give your clothes a little room to breathe – a bit of air around them will do wonders!

  • Keep your wardrobe clean and smelling fresh … which brings us nicely to…

How to make your wardrobe smell nice

Hanging your clothes the right way is one thing, but where they hang is important too. You need a space that gives off a fresh scent. Perfume on cotton balls is one of many little tricks that work well. Here are some more:

  • Essential oils – soak cotton balls or tissues in your favourite oil and place them in the corners of your wardrobe.

  • Scented dryer sheets – place these between clothes for long lasting fragrance.

  • Scented wooden hangers – ideal for clothes you hang up rather than fold.

  • Soap bars wrapped in a soft cloth – the cloth will ensure the soap doesn’t rub off onto your clothes.

Fruity Fragrances

Fruity fragrances can bring feelings of happiness through their uplifting, familiar scents. These types of fragrances include apple and pear, sweet peach and berries, and exotic tropical fruits.

Citrus Fragrance

When you think of citrus you think of oranges, lemons, grapefruit and limes. And it’s the lemon’s strong scent and antiseptic properties that has made it such a popular cleaning power for centuries. 

Herbal And Aromatic Fragrance

From eucalyptus to pine to lavender, these rich and aromatic types of smells are deeply soothing yet stimulating. Lavender has been used for centuries to freshen fabrics and aid restful sleep. Combine the herbal, aromatic fragrance of lavender with the floral note of jasmine to boost confidence and relieve stress. An absolute must for bedding.

Woody Fragrance

Woody fragrances are also known as oriental scents, with vanilla, amber and sandalwood among these types of fragrances. Surf combines the luxurious deep fragrance of vanilla with top notes of floral orchid and ylang ylang for a lightness of touch. 

Keep clothes smelling fresh in drawers

Essential oils, dryer sheets, and soap bars work really well when you put your clothing away neatly in drawers too. In the same way as you would when hanging clothes up, it’s good to give clothes as much space as possible in drawers. Rather than stuffing them full, make sure there’s a little room so that your favourite Surf fragrances can do their work.

Enjoy the amazing scent of Surf with fragrance release for longer by using our tips to help keep your laundry smelling fresh until the next wash.