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Laundry Tips

Learn how to wash clothes for long-lasting fragrance, how to sort laundry for colour care and eco friendly laundry tips to help save the planet – and money!

Person clicking the eco button a washing machine
Wash cycles and temperatures:
Cardboard cutout of house and tap on a green grass background
Save water, save the planet
Woman happy whilst doing the laundry
The secret for long-lasting fragrance
Delicates hanging on a clothing rack
How to hand wash clothes
A group of friends laughing together
Time saving tips when doing laundry
A yellow top with jeans
How to do laundry for beginners
Person with a recycling box of cardboard
Surf and the Cleaner Planet Plan:
Person in a field with hot air balloons in the background
How does smell affect memory?
Surf timeline on a washing line
Surf's brand history of great cleaning