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Tips for Laundry How to separate laundry

Surf’s laundry tips for perfect results

Become a laundry legend with our laundry tips on how to separate laundry correctly, get long-lasting fragrance, and help save the planet – and money!

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Long-lasting fragrance and a more eco-friendly approach with Surf

The key to laundry scent that lasts is using fragrance release products that allow the fabric fibres to absorb the sensational smells. That’s exactly what you get with Surf. It’s not just knowing how to wash clothes but also knowing how to dry clothes that will keep the scent going. More top laundry tips include taking your laundry out of the washing machine straight away, and not storing your clothes until they’re completely dry.

We all want our whites to stay white, our colours to remain vibrant, and our darks not to fade. It’s important to know how to separate laundry properly to achieve the level of colour care your clothes deserve. Read the washing instructions on the care labels, and separate laundry accordingly – also by colour and fabric type – and always place heavily soiled garments in a pile on their own. Then wash with Surf’s Colour Care range: keep colours alive with Surf Vibrant Colour, help dark clothes look newer for longer with Surf Perfect Black, and protect your whites with Surf Classic Fresh White detergent.

There are many eco friendly laundry tips that will not only help you save the environment, but also save some cash in the process. Learn the washing symbols on your machine to pick the correct cycle and temperature for each load – you’ll be surprised how many times you can drop the heat down to 30C or pick a quick cycle and still get perfect results. These cold and fast cycles will help you save water too, as will only washing full loads. Use Surf’s concentrated detergents in recyclable bottles as well as Surf’s capsules to help reduce plastic waste.