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Time saving tips when doing laundry

How to save time doing laundry? We’ve got time saving tips for busy millennials, including the benefits of 2 in 1 washing tablets.

Born and raised under the motto “follow your dreams”, millennials have reset their priorities so there’s more time for work, education, family and their own passions, which leaves very little time for household chores like laundry. Whether you’re a mum, a young professional or a student, there’s always pressure to get things done on time and make time-saving choices is essential. On top of that, great value is key to young families and millennial shopping habits. Combine the two with our money-saving and time management tips to get laundry done fast and keep the costs down.

How to do laundry fast

Once you know how to wash clothes fast you can save plenty of time, allowing you to focus on the other things you need to get done. Give our time-saving tips a try:

  • Wash full loads: rather than constantly washing half loads, wait until you’ve got a full laundry basket before using your machine. That’ll save plenty of time, and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

  • Get your washing done in one day: laundry is often best done in one hit, especially when you do have a bit of spare time. Drop a full load in the machine, crack on with what you’re doing, and then repeat with the next load.

  • Wash on shorter cycles: unless you’re washing heavily stained or dirty clothes from sports, a shorter cycle will get the job done most of the time. You’ll get excellent cleaning and a beautiful fragrance when you do your laundry with great value Surf Lavender & Spring Jasmine Liquid Detergent – brilliant, outstanding results even on a quick wash.

  • Make sure you’re stocked up: you’ve got your washing ready, you’re about to put it in the machine, and then you realise that you’ve run out of detergent. How frustrating is it?! Keep an eye on what you’ve got and make sure you pick up your favourite Surf Liquid detergent or Surf Capsules when you’ve run out.

  • Make a plan: take a little time coming up with a laundry plan that works for you, and you’ll soon be doing it like a well-oiled machine. From separate baskets for colours and delicates to keeping your washing basket by the washing machine – whatever works best for you to save time.

  • Use 2 in 1 washing capsules: it may only seem like a few seconds saved, but the time you save popping in a multi-tasking tablet to your machine will add up. No need to measure or clean up spills either. Your favourite laundry fragrance is now available in the Surf Tropical Lily and Ylang Ylang Detergent Capsules format – they’re convenient, easy to use, and give you fresh smelling laundry every time.

From washing full loads and using shorter cycles to having a laundry plan and using 2 in 1 washing capsules, our time management tips are ideal for busy millennials. Put them into practice and look forward to clawing back some much needed time in your week.