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Surf washing capsules

Surf 2 in 1 capsules 

With Surf 2 in 1 capsules you get great cleaning and long-lasting fragrance. But which fragrance of laundry capsules is best for you? The luxurious scent of vanilla with orchid and ylang ylang in Surf Golden Blossom awakens your senses with its freshness. The soothing fragrance of Surf Lavender & Spring Jasmine laundry capsules inspires optimism. Surf Tropical Lily & Ylang Ylang soothes the spirit and encourages euphoria, while Surf with the Freshness of 5 Herbal Extracts will transport you to spring sunny days.

That new pair of black jeans looks so striking… until it’s been through the wash a few times. However, with Surf Perfect Black Detergent Capsules you can protect your dark clothes from fading. These Surf washing tablets bring a touch of the exotic too, with their midnight orchid and lily fragrance. As for caring for your colours with Surf laundry capsules, Surf Vibrant Colour Detergent Capsules keep your clothes looking and smelling vibrant with a wild poppy and violet fragrance. 

Using Surf capsules is so easy and quick, with no measuring and no waste. Simply pop a single capsule at the back of the drum in your washing machine, and then place your laundry on top. No more figuring out how much liquid laundry detergent to use! We recommend using one capsule for a standard load (3-5kg) with standard soiling in soft/medium water. For best results, use two washing machine capsules for larger loads (6-8kg), heavy soiling, or hard water.

Keep an eye out for any residue from Surf washing capsules on your laundry when you remove it from the washing machine. It you see any, rinse it out of the fabric before placing the item in your tumble dryer, otherwise it might lead to permanent staining.