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Power of smell

Surf’s liquid detergent range

Surf liquid detergent 

Surf washing liquid is so simple to use. Just pour the suggested amount with the plastic cap and place it on the base of the drum of your washing machine.

The measuring cap of Surf washing liquid detergent makes measuring a breeze. Simply pour the recommended amount of liquid laundry detergent into the ball. We suggest using 35ml Surf liquid for a standard load (4-5kg) if you live in a soft or medium water area. If you have a larger load, particularly dirty clothes, or live in a hard water area, we suggest using 52ml of Surf liquid laundry detergent for best results.

Thanks to its special formula designed for colourful laundry, Surf Vibrant Colour Liquid Detergent will keep your clothes looking bright and vibrant. They’ll smell great too, with Surf’s fab floral fragrance of wild poppy and violet. Looking for a liquid laundry detergent to ensure your black clothes won’t fade? Surf Perfect Black Liquid Detergent will keep them looking intensely black and newer for longer, thanks to its special coenzyme technology with anti-bobbling effect. All this, with the exotic scent of midnight orchid and lily.