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Feeling Good about doing Laundry

Surf laundry powder range

We’re proud to have a Good Housekeeping Institute Endorsement for all of our products. You get burst after burst of uplifting fragrance, whichever Surf washing powder you choose as all variants deliver fantastic, long lasting fragrance. 

First things first, let’s cover how to use washing powder in your machine. Simply open the dispensing drawer and add your Surf powder, before loading your laundry into the drum. Now, onto how much washing powder to use: this varies depending on the type of water you have: soft, medium, or hard. 

In soft water, use 50ml Surf laundry powder for light loads, 90ml for standard loads, and 170ml for larger (or dirtier) loads. If you live in a medium water area, we recommend using 90ml Surf powder for light loads, 130ml for standard, and 201ml maximum for larger/dirtier loads. As for hard water, we advise using 130ml laundry powder for light, 170ml for standard, and 250ml maximum for large loads. 

To protect your white clothes from discolouring over time, you need a specialist washing powder. Surf Bright White Powder Detergent gives outstanding results, even in cold washes. This laundry powder contains optical brighteners and extra bleach to deliver the deep clean that your whites deserve. Its spring-like fragrance continues to release, keeping your whites fragrantly fresh too.